Saturday, August 26, 2006

Dogs, Chakras, and Root Beer

I worked with 2 dogs today. I work on my cat all the time but this was new for me.
Trusting in the process I went for it. The two dogs seemed to know why I was there and, were glad to see me. I ran energy on Jackie, a seven year old hound. She just lay down next to me and stretched out. She would roll over a bit and try to get even closer to me. I realized that there were no emotional blocks in a dog. I felt some anxiety and apprehension that probably came from the owner. So would the dog’s energy entrain to the owners? I decided I wanted to run the dog’s Chakra’s. Wait a minute, how many does a dog have? Does a dog need a third eye if it already has natural instinct? What color are they? I felt like there were only 5 Chakras, a nice number. Then I remembered reading that dogs don’t see in color so I figured that their Chakras might not be different colors either. In fact, I remembered something about dogs only seeing it Brown and White.
So there I was running energy on Jackie, and spinning her “root beer” colored Chakras. She stretched out even more while trying to snuggle closer. Finally she let out this amazing sound that I can only describe as a combination of woof, growl, and a sigh. Totally relaxation. I also worked with Stanley, a much younger hound. He was just very hyperactive and moody. I was warned that he might bite when you least expect it. So my job was to run energy and not expect the bite at all. I guess that is less than expected or is this that letting go of expectations? Anyway he calmed right down and followed me around while I worked on a couple of humans too. Just another Quantum day.