Friday, September 20, 2013

Stevin McNamara

"Music is much more than notes produced on an instrument. Every note should live and breathe with a connection to the Soul. Drawing from the infinite tradition of raga, as well as that of blues and those South African sounds of my youth, I have found a way to express my experience in a way that I hope will leave you feeling soothed, healed, uplifted and at peace with one's self and the world. Because that's the feeling I get from playing it."

Namaste, Siyabonga and Peace,
Stevin McNamara 

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

New music from Qtouch

Selective Memory

Qtouch: Selective Memory

Available now on CD Baby

New Qtouch Music

Now available on CD Baby
Qtouch: Selective Memory

Sonic Journey into forgotten Memories and Dreams

Eleven new tracks are part of the Sonic Journey into forgotten Memories and Dream. Experience the complete adventure.
Start with:

Choose Your Confusion - this is your choice make it count

Frozen Moment - don't get stuck in the past

Hidden Meaning - you can find meaning in anything or anyone

Line of Thought - connect to dots and find your own way

Lost Dreams - find them and those missing socks too

River Song - "relax your mind and float ... "

Rush to Judgement - in a hurry? Just where do you think you are going?

Sad Robot - change your program, change your life

Shared Memory - believe it or not, it might be worth sharing

Slippery Slope - oops

Unreasonable Doubt - be reasonable with your doubts and move on

Selective Memory a new soundtrack for your life and mind.