Monday, November 03, 2008

Quantum Physics, Visualization and Healing

~ On Quantum Physics, Visualization and Healing ~

Without going into the background of Quantum Physics, suffice to say that it tells us that we have the freedom to choose our own world, but this choice is predicated on four ways we respond to any event...physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Our biological systems being what they are, any of these ways can outweigh the other, making things rather lopsided..which puts the desire to choose our own world out-of-kilter. manifestation—or worse, a misfire.

With that said, let's look at Psychoneuroimmunology .... a modern science that studies how what the mind manufactures (attitude, emotion, belief) affects our physical health. Psycho means "mind," neuro means "nervous system," immuno means "system of health defenses," and ology translates to "the study of." This new study has discovered that our minds constantly communicate to every single cell in our body. Emotional chemicals, called Neuropeptides, are the information highway of the body, transmitting to ever cell with a steady flow of emotional data, which at every given moment greatly affects the physical stability of 'you.' People outside of the metaphysical world have always laughed at the people who use visualization such as 'filling your body with white light' and yet recent studies have found that by mentally 'staying in the moment,' breathing deeply, and filling your body with mental white light affects the Neuropeptides, encouraging them to carry healing energy to all points necessary.

Read through this exercise and then try it.

Close your eyes. Take 3 deep, even breaths easily and slowly. As you breathe in, visualize the air coming into your body filled with pure white light. If you don't feel the sense of relaxation, take 3 more deep, even breaths. As you breathe in, see the white light coming into your lungs, moving up to the top of your head and down to the tips of your toes. Do this slowly and take your time. With each breath, let the light move further and further inside your body. If you are currently ill, this may be a bit difficult due to the energy blockages within various parts of your body. If you stick with it and agree to allow the air to become pure white light, you will feel as you do each breath, the white light visualization will get stronger. Just be patient and do not judge. It will happen. As the white light grows stronger, in your mind visualize the area around your body also glowing with white light. If this doesn't happen with this first attempt, just enjoy the feeling of relaxation that you feel at this time and don't worry about it. This is a lot like learning physical yoga. Know that no matter how much of a stretch you do at the beginning , you are getting the same benefit as a yoga instructor who has been performing the poses for years and can go into the pose completely. The SAME benefit for your body. This is the case with this and all visualizations. Any amount will do wonders.

If using this little visualization for small ills in your body works well and the small problems pass quickly, what about the big stuff. Just keep doing it along with your regular medical treatment. You didn't get sick in a day, and you won't probably get healed in a day. ...meaning that you have allowed negative thoughts pile up, so now you have to systematically clean them out and it may not happen overnight because negative thoughts include patterned behavior. When you are very ill you should do this work at least three times a day.

It is imperative to know that all serious illnesses carry emotional and negative components to them. It is natural as we respond negatively in our minds and hearts to something such as a serious illness. We have not been taught to accept what is and to stay with the pain or illness. Accepting what is a very important part of working through problems but we tend to 'fight' to 'avoid.'

Regardless, just know that as Quantum Physics is teaching us, we have the ability to change our reality since our reality is subject to our observation. It is very exciting. So our goal is to KNOW and BELIEVE and AGREE to perfection in all that we are and all that we desire.

Donna Diasio

Reprinted by permission of the author.