Sunday, November 25, 2007

Fire Shaman Meditation

New music meditation just created and part of the Shaman's Elemental Journey check it out here.

Become a New Energy Shaman.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Water Shaman Meditation

I just created a 25 minute journey of awakening into the flow of Living Waters. Began the Quest at the source of a stream. Gentle rain falls while birds welcome you. Slowly drift deeper down as you enter the Temple of Flowing Waters. Hear the mighty drum resonate over the dark pools of energy as the shakers keep your intention on track. A Loon calls in the distance. Open and flow as the harmonics rise and converge into a Oneness of Knowing. An inner-vision quest using ambient sounds, and entrainment frequencies.

Check it out here

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Quantum Touch vs. Qtouch *** What's the difference?

"Quantum-Touch is a method of hands-on healing that literally must be seen to be believed. Employing only a very light touch on yourself or others, you can profoundly accelerate the body's own healing response. The effect is so immediate and extraordinary, you can actually see bones in the body spontaneously realigning themselves with only a light touch. Since the body decides where to place these bones, you need never worry about doing it right. Beyond structural realignment, pain and inflammation are quickly reduced, while organs, systems, and glands become balanced."
- Richard Gordon
Founder of Quantum Touch (r)

Qtouch is my own personal not quite for profit organization. It's mission is to discover and investigate all forms of energy work and healing. I love experimenting and incorporating what I have learned and the insights that arise from my practice as a Certified Practitioner of Quantum. I am also a Certified Instructor and when I teach the Basic Workshop I am careful to follow the guidelines and syllabus for Quantum-Touch. On a personal note, I have incorporated music, brainwave entrainment, tuning forks, crystals grids and more into my experience. I am also a Reiki Master and practicing Wizard so take your pick. How may I help you? ...... wizardnow ........ Nowreiki

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Dark River and Swirl Pool Meditations added

No I haven't gone over to the dark side. I have added the Dark River and Void to my awareness and am using the energies to create new meditations. Definitely worth a listen.