Sunday, January 10, 2010

Quantum Touch and Qtouch changes

It has been a very satisfying to teach Quantum Touch classes since I was certified 3 years ago. I thank Richard Gordon for setting up the structure so that in addition to learning the QT technique myself, I had the opportunity to teach it to others. I have not been happy with every aspect of my experience with QT administration. I have put a considerable amount of time and money in my Quantum Touch practice. Quantum Touch administration has decided to change the way they do business - even though they have contracts in place with practitioners and instructors. Increased fees and lack of direction are not something I want to look forward to. In recent website postings, it’s become clear that Richard has been financially supporting QT in a major way. The business model they were using has not worked for them. So it seems changing the QT structure is part of his continuing empowerment. I do not feel in any way that QT administration owes me anything other than honoring contracts I have in place. Any class or action that I have taken to get certified was equally for self-growth as for certification. However unless, I am willing to pay new fees and agree to the new QT business model, I will be dropped from the roles as an instructor and practitioner of Quantum Touch. Currently, I have until October 2010 to decide. It really boils down to value. Can I find any value in a continued relationship with the Quantum Touch organization or not?


My company's name is Qtouch. I own the business name. I use it for music, meditations, writing, workshops, and QT sessions. I will keep the name whatever I decide. I am starting to see these changes as an opportunity to develop my own way of energy work. In the end, everyone must find their own way and not rely on others and forces outside of themselves. It is the innerstillness and intention that is truly a positive healing force for life energy and not the "official Quantum Touch techniques". What will serve me best? Techniques have value, just as ritual and focus enhance a process. Living in an aware state of presence is the highest vibrational state I can realize and the most powerful.

The same thing happened when I first learned Reiki. I ended up creating my own version called Now Reiki. As I combine different techniques and modalities, I also simplify and refine them. The process makes it more real and powerful for me and the others I work with.

Stay tuned for the latest developments.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

New Years Om with Chimes

Welcome the New Year with this Om and Chime Meditation. Experience the Om Chorus of the Qtouch Ascended Masters Choir™ mixed with gentle Tibetan Bells to open and enhance your awareness. Increase relaxation and focus with Theta brainwave patterns combined with the sound of Om in the 20-minute meditation experience.

Time to move on. Create your own experience and find the inner peace and stillness you have been seeking. Find some tools you can use instead of being used as a tool.